Tips for Buying and Selling Real Estate in Whistler


Written with the assistance of Doug Treleaven - REALTOR®

Over the years, the enchantment of Whistler has spread worldwide, thanks to the 3 million guests per year who visit our mountain resort town. As you experience all that Whistler has to offer, whether on the mountains or in the valley, you too might decide you want to own a home here.

There are many things to consider when contemplating real estate in this unique community. Here are some tips to help you with the process and make it a positive experience.


• Find a local real estate agent. Whistler is unique, and has many bylaws and complex covenants, so you want someone who knows the local market inside and out.
• Determine your budget. There are many different real estate options available.
• If you need a mortgage broker, choose a local specialist. They are the experts in financing and know all the regulations.
• What is your primary objective? An investment to generate revenue; for mixed use (personal/rental); second home or vacation property; or are you looking to relocate?
• Location: Ski-in/ski-out; lakeside; close to a golf course; mountain view; proximity to the Village? What factors are important to you?
• You will need a lawyer or notary public to convey the deal. Choose a local firm — there are many in Whistler specializing in real estate.

Additional things to consider if you are a non-resident:
• Open a Canadian bank account.
• Seek out a lawyer while you are in Whistler and have your identification notarized.
• Engage an accountant, particularly if you intend to rent out your property.


• Look for the real estate agent who will best represent your property type and understands your goals.
• Check with your accountant to see whether GST will be applicable.
• Determine what your end goal is. Are you looking for a quick sale or is achieving top dollar more important?
• As with any real estate transaction, who will your lawyer be?
• Discuss the best time to list with your real estate agent and consider when you would like to transfer possession to the new owners.
• Ask your agent’s advice: Is there anythingyou should or could do to increase the value of your property?

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