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Let Gravity Assist You

Whistler’s Alpine Riding wants to offer you “Another Way to Ride” the Whistler Bike Park this season. If you’re not confident about handling a mountain bike, their A-Rides offer an easier introduction to riding the bike park’s downhill trails.

Like a mountain bike, the Gravity A-Ride bike features grippy tires, front and rear suspension, and disc brakes. However, their low slung, forward-facing standing platform makes the A-rides very stable and easy to control. Anyone over the age of 7 who can balance a bicycle should have no problem handling an A-Ride.

The Whistler Bike Park is the only location in North America to offer two different Alpine Riding tours this summer: The Peak to Valley Tour is a three-hour journey that leads riders from the Rendezvous Lodge all the way down to Whistler Village. The Bike Park ABC tour leads guests around trails in the park’s Fitzsimmons Zone, while you get a feel for handling the A-Ride. This tour takes about two hours.

Tour prices include helmet, knee and elbow pad rentals, but do not include lift tickets to the Whistler Bike Park. A Bike Park or Peak 2 Peak 360 Experience pass must be purchased for lift access. alpineriding.com

Light up Your Night

Deep in the forest near Whistler, legend tells of a secret valley filled with lights that shine through the darkness of night. Vallea Lumina invites guests to discover this valley while unravelling the story of two hikers who set off to find it long ago.

This unique attraction transforms a simple walk through the woods into a dazzling multimedia experience. As night falls, visitors follow a path through an old-growth forest while their senses are greeted with light displays, props and audible cues.
“Visitors are encouraged to play, explore and engage with their surroundings as the story — which follows the mysterious disappearance of a father-daughter duo in search of an enchanted hidden valley — unfolds around them,” says Karen Brooks, marketing manager for TAG Whistler.

Vallea Lumina’s 1.5-kilometre pathway takes about 45 to 60 minutes to walk, but the tour takes about two hours including shuttle rides to and from Whistler Village. The trail involves steep staircases and uneven surfaces, but isn’t challenging for anyone with full mobility.  

Vallea Lumina is open on weekends through June 1, then nightly from June 7 to mid-October. Guests are welcome to take pictures (without a flash) or video of the displays. vallealumina.com

Turn off… Tune in … Chill Out

Many people are familiar with the phrase “immersing yourself in the wilderness,” but have you heard of Forest Bathing? In recent years this practice has become quite popular in Japan, where it is known as shinrin-yoku.

Shinrin-yoku is the act of purposefully connecting yourself with the natural world, and it is said to help people find feelings of serenity, belonging, creativity and happiness. Forest Bathing has also been found to lower blood pressure, increase mental acuity and aid in trauma or illness recovery.  

For 2019, Canadian Wilderness Adventures is offering Forest Bathing tours on their Medicine Trail. As guests walk through the Callaghan Valley’s 800-year-old forest, guides introduce the concepts of walking meditation, mindfulness practices, offering gratitude, and techniques for letting go of life’s pressures. Tour guides also explain the healing properties of the area’s plants, and provide samples of healing teas picked from the trailside. This is a “digital retreat,” so cellphones must be turned off or switched to airplane mode for this tour (photography is allowed). The tour takes three hours, but is easy to complete as the pace is slow and there are no steep hills. Shuttle transportation to and from Whistler Village is included, and rain gear is provided to guests when necessary. canadianwildernessadventures.com

Embark on a Heli Adventure

Seeing British Columbia’s mountains is impressive from ground level, but exploring their upper reaches firsthand is a truly memorable experience. No Limits Helicopters flies guests to high-elevation areas where their guides showcase the Coast Mountains’ incredible natural features.

Their Ice Cave tour begins with a scenic flight leading to ancient caves of azure blue ice. Your guide provides an interpretive tour of multiple tunnels featuring crystalline formations and naturally vaulted ceilings. The Volcano and Ice Cave tour takes guests to Mount Meager, an active volcano that steams from a fissure in its glaciated slopes. After viewing the steaming cavern, your group explores nearby ice tunnels and blue rooms before flying back to base.
Kim Gregoire, No Limits Helicopters marketing director says this tour offers the best value. “You are getting more flight time as well as an interpretive, exciting mountaineering-style experience within the huge glacial steam vents of the Mount Meager Volcano,” said Gregoire.  

If you’re looking for some relaxation in an epic setting, the Hot Springs Wilderness Experience drops your group at a natural hot spring deep in Whistler’s backcountry, where you can soak in the warm pools and enjoy lunch. nolimits-helicopters.com


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