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BReD - Organic Sourdough

“I might be the face of BReD, but my wife Natasha is the backbone; she’s an amazing force of nature,” says Ed Tatton with a grin outside his newly opened bread shop in Creekside, just around the corner from the couple’s home. Since the opening in March, after months of hard work and planning, Ed and Natasha have been rewarded with lineups by sourdough-seeking locals.

“I love sourdough,” says Ed, a baker who literally wears his passion on his sleeve with a stunning tattoo of ancient grains woven around his arm. “I feel like bread’s had a bad rap, but that bloating comes from not fermenting grains properly; if you slow it down and ferment the whole grain, it’s good for your gut.” Ed says that just two slices of sourdough can deliver 25 to 40 per cent of your daily protein needs, something those turning to more plant-based diets will appreciate.

BReD’s naturally leavened sourdoughs are made from just three ingredients: Vancouver Island salt, organic Canadian ancient grains (as much as possible sourced within B.C., or within Canada) and Whistler water. Whether it’s the popular country loaf blend with wheat, rye and spelt, a seeded loaf or the extra-moist porridge loaf (a great choice for Sundays to take you through till they re-open on Wednesdays) — there’s no yeast or preservatives in any of Ed’s sourdoughs, which are 100 per cent plant-based and absolutely delicious. Stop by for a fresh loaf and grab an espresso from the sustainable Ontario roasters, Detour Coffee. And definitely save room for one of the chocolate, coconut, oat and sea salt cookies made with 100 per cent house-milled Red Fife wheat — your new favourite guilt-free treat that’s organic and plant-based.

604-967-3939 | edsbred.com

Functional Pie Pizza

Based in what owner Leigh Scott calls the “Soho of Whistler,” Functional Pie Pizza is a new addition to the funky Function Junction community of boutique clothing stores, craft breweries and delicious coffee houses and bakeries just south of the Village off Highway 99.

It’s been a four-year wait for Scott to find the perfect spot, but after ending a 12-year career at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler mostly working as a server to follow his pizza dreams (“I was a little teary when I handed my notice in”), Leigh headed to Vancouver to work an internship at Campagnolo on Main Street for a summer and then opened Functional Pie Pizza in November 2018.

Functional serves up a divine hybrid that combines a Sicilian pan-style pizza with a Detroit crust (“we use as much cheese around the edge as we put in the middle”) to deliver a crisp, golden-brown base with an instantly addictive thick and crunchy, cheese crust. After that they add premium ingredients such as fresh pineapple, imported Italian Parmesan and Pecorino, buttery sweet Castelvetrano olives and salty feta from Vancouver Island for a pizza unlike anything else available in Whistler. No wonder “pie-heads” have been lining up to get their fix of this superb treat, with sellouts every Friday night, and a fast-paced weekday take-away lunch crowd for their over-sized $5 slices and large 16-inch pizzas. The secret, Scott confides, lies in letting the dough rise in the oiled pan: “Just let it sit and relax, then you work it, sauce it, cheese it — right to the edge — add toppings and cook!” Cheesegasms guaranteed with each bite!

604-962-3141 | functionalpie.ca

Pangea Living Room and Rooftop Patio

Climb the stairs to Pangea’s Living Room and you’re treated to one of the most stylish rooms in Whistler, complete with honeycomb mirrored ceiling panels, eclectic murals and thoughtful lighting. More than just Canada’s first pod hotel, the Pangea also offers a lounge with a brunch-to-dinner menu of fan favourites such as Bennies, artisan flatbread pizzas, and piled-high cheese and charcuterie boards, plus a rooftop patio with a killer view over the Village Stroll — perfect for catching the last of the sun while enjoying one of Pangea’s legendary Espresso Martinis.

“Everyone’s welcome here,” says Co-Founder Russell Kling. “It’s not just for residents; we’re offering something special — but affordable — to everyone.” Just as the design at Pangea is all about those small extra touches, so too the menu shows a little extra love. “Our hollandaise for the Benedicts is made fresh each day. That sets us miles apart,” said Matt Scott, food and beverage director, “and we don’t use pre-made dough for the flatbreads. We do that daily from scratch too.”

From weekly game nights to DJ sessions to the popular Thursday karaoke nights and Monday live Americana-Jazz music sets, there’s always something fun happening in the Living Room. As newcomers to the Village, Kling is excited to be part of the community. “We want to be a hub in the Village, a great space that gives people something delicious and beautifully presented but doesn’t break the bank!” Kling said. We’ll drink to that.

604-962-1011 | pangeapod.com

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