Real Estate - TIPS to Help Prepare Your Home for Sale

If you are planning to list your home, an experienced Realtor will be able to advise you on the most important things to consider that will make your home more appealing and saleable. Small, inexpensive changes can give you an edge over the competition.

Why stage your home? Staging your home when selling is suggested to potentially:
- Make it easier for buyers to visualize the property as “their new home”;
- Improve the home’s perceived value and often increase the dollar value offered;  
- Sell your home quicker.
The most important rooms to stage are the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and dining room.
Key things to think about when preparing to sell your home:
- Most agents suggest decluttering — inside and out;
- Repair any obvious faults such as dents or holes in walls; address any safety concerns;
- Repairing any obvious problems with appliances and having the heating system serviced gives the buyer confidence that you have maintained the property;
- Thoroughly clean the home, with attention to detail;
- Clean the carpets.
Inside the home — less is more:
In the current real estate market, it’s all about the minimalistic, clean look. If you have any dark rooms painted in dark colours, it’s a good idea to lighten things up (Benjamin Moore Cloud White is a great option).
- Consider putting away those sentimental small ornaments and anything that makes the room appear smaller than it is, including pieces of furniture that are a little too large for the space;
- Photos – we all love our family photos but the person looking at the house is imagining it as his or her potential home, so pack them away for now;
- Back to the basics — create a clean, tidy look. Take away as many small kitchen appliances or “stuff” that is taking up counter space.  
Season-specific Tips:
Remember — you never get a second chance to make a first impression. From the moment a person walks up to your front door, it’s the first thing that they see.  
- Make the entrance of the home welcoming:
o Repaint or refinish the front door and replace any aging hardware;
o Make sure stairs or handrails are in good repair; repaint or refinish if needed;
o A tub of brightly coloured flowers or a feature by the front door can make a big difference.
o Invest in a “welcome” mat to make the potential buyer feel welcome!
- Use natural light – clean all windows inside and out.
Sprucing up outdoor areas can make the square footage of the home appear larger and give buyers the perception of more “liveable” space.  
Staging Your Outdoor Spaces:
- If you have a yard or lawn:
o Clean up leaves, remove weeds, trim or remove any dead or dying plants, dispose of debris;
o Keep the lawn mowed and fertilize it to keep it green. Water it when possible.  
- If you have a deck or patio:
o Clean and refinish wood surfaces. Power-wash stonework and paving stones;
o Use patio furniture to improve appeal to outside areas. Use bright-coloured cushions to liven up space;
o Add flowering, potted plants or potted shrubs.
Add Some Colour:
Brightening the home with pops of colour makes it feel more like summer.
- Add live plants or fresh-cut flowers in key rooms;
- Add bright, modern throw pillows to beds and couches;
- Use bright-coloured hand towels or accent accessories in bathrooms.
Open Houses and Showings:
If you can afford it, consider having a local professional stage your home for showings — they know what they’re doing!
- Open the windows prior to a showing and let fresh air circulate and then close them again;
- If possible, take pets out of the home during showings.

Yes — any Realtor will tell you, it’s true that if you have a pot of coffee brewing or the aroma of freshly baked cookies or bread in the house, people are drawn in and can imagine how it might feel as “their home.”

Happy Selling!

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