Brewmasters' Picks

Sour Pear Ale

Images by Joern Rohde

Summer in the mountains calls for crisp, cold beverages on the patio. The craft brewing scene is on fire in British Columbia, and with three taphouses right here in Whistler, there is no better place to soak up the suds scene. To help keep you quenched, we asked three local brewmasters to recommend their favourite seasonal brews. Prost!



Available only on-site at BrewHouse Restaurant

“Personally, I don’t like the word ‘sour’ to describe these beers, which are new to North America, but have been enjoyed in Belgium for centuries. It’s too one-dimensional. They’re very diverse, and in many ways, taste more cider-like, possibly even like wine. Made with B.C.-grown pears, this light, golden ale (5.5 per cent ABV) exhibits a refreshing tartness balanced with subtle fruit notes. The effervescent thirst quencher will be served in a 13-ounce tulip glass to keep it cool and fresh while emitting its delicious aroma. Since this one is quite acidic, it pairs well with lightly dressed greens, creamy cheeses or something really hearty like cassoulet or shrimp and grits.”


Brewer, High Mountain Brewing Co.

The BrewHouse, 604-905-2739




Available at the brewery and select local liquor stores

“I’m a gin drinker, and so is our national sales manager. We were talking about botanicals one day and came up with the idea of a juniper-berry kölsch [a German ale that is cold-conditioned like a lager]. Juniper grows wild around here, but they’re hard to find so these came from Italy. The aromatics are nicely subtle on the nose and finish. It’s delicate, clean and crisp — definitely more of an easy- drinking summer beer. And because it’s light in alcohol (4.6 per cent), you can have a few. It goes well with fish, seafood, chicken and salads — nothing too overpowering. Personally, I really like it with salmon.”


Brew Master

Whistler Brewing Co., 604-731-2995




Available at the brewery, select local restaurants/local private liquor stores

“We are a premium brand, we use premium ingredients and we use a heck of a lot of them. We don’t shy away from hops. We go right in. That gives our beer a special quality. For this ale, we use Amarillo hops, which have incredible mandarin and orange-peel notes. It’s the dry hopping that gives it such a tremendous, beautiful, fresh-squeezed juice character. It’s not just a summer ale, but it is a pale ale, which is lighter in colour and alcohol (5.6 per cent), so it will definitely appeal if you’re sitting on a patio and enjoying a few. It goes well with light, summery seafoods and salads. Also spicier foods, because of the fruit notes, and even Japanese cuisine.”


Owner and Brewer

Coast Mountain Brewing,  604-962-3230

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