Summer-Fall 2017

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Style & Indulgence

Be inspired by the style and indulgence found in Whistler. If you are looking for a day off from adventure, or perhaps you need to gear up for your next adventure, check out these featured products and visit our local retail partners. Happy Shopping!

Art Galleries

Whistler’s art galleries are an “adventure” that you should also fit into your visit. Take the time to stroll and appreciate the wide array of artists represented and mediums to cater to all tastes. Find that special piece to fit into your home to remind you of your time in Whistler.

Taste & Indulgence

Whistler has you covered for tasty food & drink. Treat yourself to a chocolate, cashew and caramel Grizzly Claw from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory; secure your beer or wine to your bike with a Fyxation bike caddy; dig into a delicious “peaked” steak and mushroom pie from Peaked Pies.

What We Love Now

Experience what we love this summer with some local Whistler favourites. Find out what makes a great cup of Joe. Taste food that is infused with love. Experience a fresh look at Cure Lounge & Patio at Nita Lake Lodge.

Chili Thom

Fear of failure: It’s an anxiety that holds many of us back from creative adventures — like painting an iconic landscape, composing a quirky song, making a risky film or writing our life’s story. Rare is the soul who lives an artistic life fearlessly, yet joyfully and with a generous, open heart. The Sea to Sky community was blessed to have such a creative voyager live and work amongst us for many years — artist, DJ and filmmaker Chili Thom.


Joern Rohde, publisher of Whistler Traveller, has been involved in photography for more than 30 years, professionally documenting the Sea to Sky communities with his camera. His work has made him one of the most sought- after local photographers and has travelled extensively to shoot for clients worldwide.

Local Vibe

Giving you the inside information on what’s happening, what’s fun and what’s new in Whistler. Find out who some of Whistler's network or pathways and green spaces are named after. Learn more about Whistler's namesake, the hoary mormot. Experience authentic First Nations culture.

Why Don't You

Whistler’s awe-inspiring scenery is the backdrop for an exceptional variety of activities. Why don't you try some of these unforgettable Whistler experiences this summer. Test your aim at Whistler Olympic Park. Take in an outdoor concert at Whistler Olympic Plaza. Savour a mountain top feast at the Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler Mountain. Venture off-road with Canadian Wilderness Adventures.

Raves & Faves

In each issue we meet a local Whistlerite to find out their Raves & Faves. This is Isobel MacLaurin's Whistler. Isobel MacLaurin is 85, and she’s still in love with life — and the mountains. After moving to B.C., Isobel and Don were married, started a family and visited what was then known as Alta Lake, deciding to build their “summer cabin” along nearby Alpha Lake. They immediately put their stamp on the community: she as a pioneering artist, he as one of the first recreational trail builders.


Nestled in a fertile, verdant valley tightly surrounded by incredible mountain peaks, the community of Pemberton is a hidden gem in the heart of the Coast Mountains. Located just 25 minutes north of Whistler, Pemberton (known to locals as Spud Valley) enjoys a slightly warmer and sunnier climate. Offering favourable weather and a large span of level ground, the valley has become a prime agricultural zone.

E-Bike Adventures

While people tend to hear about professional riders performing adrenaline-pumping feats, for many people the sport of mountain biking is mostly about getting out and enjoying the wilderness. With the recent development of motor-driven, electricassist bikes, recreational mountain biking has become more accessible than ever. While some physical fitness is still required, suddenly riders can enjoy the sensation of superhuman strength, tackling longer distances and uphill trails with relative ease.

Distinctly Canadian Cocktails

What makes a cocktail Canadian? Is it the rye in a Manhattan or the clam juice in a Caesar? To celebrate Canada’s 150th ANNIVERSARY, we’ve asked some of Whistler’s top bartenders to share the stories behind the most patriotic libations on their summer lists.

Editor's Note

Welcome to Whistler. We hope you enjoy our summer 2017 issue. This is indeed a milestone year for Canada, an opportunity to showcase and celebrate all that we proudly proclaim as “Canadian” — from history and culture to art and our unique Canadian cuisine.

Revitalizing Your Body and Soul

Looking for a spa experience with a unique twist? Whistler has options to revive both body and soul. Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa provides a range of treatments based on traditional East Asian practice. The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge offers a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Village. Visiting the Scandinave Spa is a Whistler experience not to be missed. he Spa at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences has recently brought in the HydraFacial MD — a customizable treatment. Head to Vida Spa at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler for a three- or five- day Ayurveda Cleanse.

Parallel Histories

In 2017, as Canada celebrates 150 years since Confederation, it’s interesting to note that in large measure, the post-European-settlement history of what is now one of the world’s most popular mountain resort towns parallels the larger story of the West, said Brad Nichols, the Whistler Museum and Archives’ executive director and curator.

Exploring Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is simply art that has been created in our lifetime – it’s distinctly anchored to the present. What makes it so exciting is that you can never be sure what you’re going to get. These artists aim to challenge the viewer – they want to make you think and feel. Prepare for a journey as we offer a snapshot of some of the contemporary artists who are showcased in Whistler’s galleries.

Upgrading - The Mountain Hiking Experience

It’s amazing how enjoyable a simple walk through the woods can be, let alone the experience of exploring the unique terrain found high in the mountains. With more than 50 kilometres of hiking trails on the two mountains, Whistler Blackcomb (WB) invites guests of all abilities to immerse themselves in the wilderness.

Whistler Golf

Golf course design is a combination of art, craftsmanship and engineering that melds form with function. A good golf course should be enjoyable, memorable and challenging for all levels of players. The course design should take in and use as much of the natural surroundings as possible; and the design should offer the player strategic options on various shots throughout the round. Based on these criteria, four of the courses in the Whistler area check all the boxes.

Brewmasters' Picks

Summer in the mountains calls for crisp, cold beverages on the patio. The craft brewing scene is on fire in British Columbia, and with three taphouses right here in Whistler, there is no better place to soak up the suds scene. To help keep you quenched, we asked three local brewmasters to recommend their favourite seasonal brews. Prost!


Located between Vancouver and Whistler on the scenic Sea to Sky Highway, Squamish is a top-rated destination. In 2015, the New York Times tabbed it as one of the “52 Places to Go” that year, and if you look at its surroundings, it is easy to see why. For starters, there is the stunning scenery, punctuated by the jaw- dropping granite monolith Stawamus Chief that looms over the town and the iconic peak of 2,678-metre (8,787-foot) Mount Garibaldi to the north. The community of almost 20,000 lies at the northern end of Howe Sound, one of North America’s southernmost fjords.

Vancouver’s Street Art Scene Comes to Life

Vancouver may be one of the most walkable cities in the world — a stroll or cycle along the Seawall should be on every tourist’s to-do list — but even its most devoted fan would have to admit that its attractions are scenic, not architectural. We admire the horizon, the mountains, the ocean, but not so much an uninspired foreground of utilitarian concrete boxes and high-density glass towers. Happily, in recent years the city has upped its game to give nature a run for her money.

Downhill Shifts Into High Gear

Whistler has a reputation as one of the world’s premier destinations for mountain biking. As the popularity of the Whistler Bike Park began to explode, the town’s status as a mountain biking mecca was secured. This year, Whistler Blackcomb has ambitious plans to add more new trails to the Bike Park, putting more shovels in the dirt than ever. In 2017, downhill mountain bikers will see roughly 12 kilometres of new trails under construction in the recently opened Creekside Zone, not to mention some key additions in existing areas of the park, says Brian Finestone, Whistler Bike Park manager.

Feel the Rush of Rolling Thunder

The final few turns of the Whistler Sliding Centre (WSC) bobsleigh track are called the Gold Rush Trail for a reason: It’s where world-class bobsleigh, skeleton and luge athletes, competing on the world’s fastest track, win gold — or lose it. And almost invariably, those who have taken rides down the track, in winter or summer, exclaim afterward that it certainly is a rush.

The Winter Side of Whistler

Whistler locals and visitors have been obsessed with skiing for half a century, ever since the first lifts opened in 1966. Since those early days, the town’s repertoire of winter sports and activities has expanded enormously. Tubing is a wonderful place to start, as the whole family can enjoy whizzing down the hill on inflatable tubes. Simply head up to Whistler Blackcomb’s Coca-Cola Tube Park, located at the Base II Zone on Blackcomb Mountain. It’s easily accessed from the Village at no cost via the Excalibur Gondola. Be sure to wear warm winter clothing, and for your comfort, a pair of goggles.

Cuisine that Says 'Canada'

What is Canadian cuisine? In a country of so many diverse regions, cultures, traditions and even nations, it is almost impossible to pinpoint defining foods that represent our collective history. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun trying. To celebrate the country’s 150th ANNIVERSARY, we’ve asked some of Whistler’s top chefs to tell us about the most Canadian plate that they’ll be serving this summer — and why it says “Canuck” to them.

Chef-Worthy Sandwiches

Behold, the humble sandwich — one of the greatest culinary inventions ever. More than just a simple piece of protein between two slices of bread, summer’s favourite grab-and-go food is a blank canvas with endless possibilities — and now, more than ever, worthy of enjoying as a restaurant meal. From towering muffulettas to slow-smoked brisket, feast your eyes on some of the best hand-held meals in Whistler.

An Audain Art Museum Special Exhibition

This summer, scarred landscapes are coming to Whistler. From June 10 to Oct. 16, the Audain Art Museum will feature a thought-provoking special exhibition, Edward Burtynsky: The Scarred Earth. One of Canada’s most respected photographers, Burtynsky creates large-scale photographs that show the effects of human activity on the natural world. In particular, his aerial photographs of industry reflect the impact humankind is having on the surface of the planet.


Whistler is best known as a wintertime destination, renowned for its skiing and snowboarding and as the Host Mountain Resort for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. That fact is impossible to dispute, as it consistently ranks as North America’s top-ranked winter resort. But for decades, the consensus among many locals was that summer was their favourite time of year; and when you look at the opportunities for outdoor recreation — in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, on the resort community’s world-class trail network, along the lakes, in the coastal rainforest and in the alpine — that’s not at all surprising.

Whistler - A Trail Runner's Playground

Trail lovers owe a big debt of gratitude to the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) and to the local mountain biking community for the abundance of riches that is Whistler’s trail network. Talented trail builders have fashioned a network mostly with two-wheeled travel in mind, but also a tremendous resource to those seeking fitness and solitude on two feet.
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