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Where extreme athleticism and natural beauty converge, you find the Sea to Sky Corridor. Located against the backdrop of southwest British Columbia, the region is dotted with crystal-clear lakes and punctuated by the soaring Coast Mountains. “The Corridor,” as it is often called, includes the picturesque communities of Squamish and Whistler before culminating in the fertile Pemberton Valley.

The Summer Side of Whistler

As the days grow longer and the Whistler Valley warms up, it’s time to immerse your senses in summer. Take deep breaths of pine-scented air on an alpine hike. Listen high-pitched whistle of the hoary marmot, for which Whistler is named. Dive off a dock into the fresh, cool waters of one of Whistler’s immaculate lakes. Sip a locally brewed beer on a sun-baked patio. Taste the bounty of produce from local farms. Take in the sights of the craggy peaks, lush valleys, rushing rivers and clear lakes.

Hot Spot - The Salted Vine

The winding drive from Vancouver to Whistler along the Sea to Sky Highway is one of the most scenic routes in the world. But until recently, this narrow stretch between rugged mountains and sparkling ocean fjord was more or less a culinary desert, with fast-food chains perhaps the most noticeable, and a few roadside pubs. The arrival of The Salted Vine Kitchen + Bar in Squamish has changed all that...

Snowbound Adventures

When the snow descends on Whistler, it’s a magical place. That applies just as much to the myriad wintertime experiences available outdoors, on and off the mountains, as it does to the twinkling lights, cultural and culinary experiences and pulsating nightlife to be found in Whistler Village. Whether you are a first-time or seasoned visitor, you don’t have to be a hardcore skier or snowboarder to have a good time here.


Located halfway between Vancouver and Whistler along the scenic Sea to Sky Highway, Squamish used to be known as a sleepy forest-industry town and rest stop between the two better-known destinations. But with its strategic location at the head of the spectacular fjord known as Howe Sound, its place as a rock-climbing mecca punctuated by the signature granite monolith the Stawamus Chief and the opening of the Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish has earned wide acclaim as a tourist destination.

Beyond the Treatment Room

Celebrating a Passion

James Walt Executive Chef Araxi Restaurant + Oyster Bar It takes a village to grow a restaurant. Such is the subtext of Araxi: Roots to Shoots Farm Fresh Recipes, a sumptuous new farm-to-table cookbook by Executive Chef James Walt. Following on the success of his award-winning first book, this one isn’t so much about Walt and his cooking. Rather, it is a tribute to all the hard-working people - the bartenders, the sommeliers, the managers, the cooks and, most of all, the farmers and food suppliers - who make the acclaimed Whistler restaurant go round.

Local Vibe

Giving you the inside information on what’s happening, what’s fun and what’s new in Whistler. Have you heard that Vail Resorts bought Whistler Blackcomb? Find out about Whistler’s Audain Art Museum mandate to connect young people with art. If you love to recreate in Whistler's backcountry you'll rejoice the news about the Spearhead Huts Project. Pickup some local lingo and find out where old skis go to die.

Sommeliers' Picks

Winter in Whistler is the perfect time to cozy up to some big, hearty red wines from British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. These local sommeliers are currently crushing on Syrah, often referred to as Shiraz in the New World, a progeny of Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche grapes from southeastern France. They are available by the glass in these local restaurants and at local liquor stores.

Capturing The Spirit of the Wild

Canadian artists, whether political or not, play a role in offering a unique view and spiritual interpretation of both Canadian and international wilds, places so remote most of us will never have the opportunity to see them with our own eyes.

Why don't you...

Whistler’s awe-inspiring scenery is the backdrop for an exceptional variety of activities. Why don't you try some of these unforgettable Whistler experiences this winter. Attend Whistler Blackcomb’s free half-day, introductory-level avalanche awareness courses. Fll your belly and thrill your senses with Canadian Wilderness Adventures’ Yukon Breakfast Tour. Track your achievements on the mountain with the WB+ app.


The cosmopolitan port city of Vancouver has a lot going for it as a tourist destination: spectacular scenery, a bustling downtown core and public market, the world-renowned Stanley Park, celebrated galleries and museums, family-friendly attractions, North America’s third largest Chinatown, and unique commercial areas for browsing and café hopping.

This Ain't Your Typical Mountain Fare

When you’re grabbing a bite to eat between runs on the mountains this winter, you may notice that a few things have changed. Find out some of the changes you'll see including more seating, new food options and more.

Raves & Faves

We speak with Maureen Douglas, executive director of Arts Whistler about her Whistler. “Mo,” as she’s affectionately called, is perhaps best known for her role as the Sea to Sky Corridor spokesperson for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee.


Editor's Note

Welcome to Whistler! As a world-class, year-round destination resort, Whistler and its resident “Whistlerites” are very proud to welcome the world to our home every day. Undeniably, the spectacular mountain backdrop and access to nature is our foundation, but it is the people who live here plus those who have come before us, and the talents they have brought with them, that allow that base to prosper, making Whistler and the Sea to Sky corridor the sought-after destination that it is.

Audain Museum

Merely a fledgling, just seven months old, the Audain Art Museum has already welcomed more than 30,000 people through its doors to tour the extraordinary permanent collection of nearly 200 artworks from coastal British Columbia. While most ventures of this tender age are learning to crawl, the museum is leaping ahead, embracing both art aficionados and those with an appreciation for art, of all ages, in a dance spanning four centuries of art history.


Nestled in the heart of the Coast Mountains, Pemberton is a small, unassuming town. But despite its deceptively sleepy ambiance, it is home to community of outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it’s skiing steep chutes on the on the surrounding mountains, jumping off cliffs on snowmobiles or hiking from cabin to cabin through the backcountry, Pemberton's people make a lifestyle out of enjoying their natural playground.

Thunder on Ice

After arriving 30 minutes before my “Thunder On Ice” bobsleigh experience at the Whistler Sliding last winter, I walked to the interior of the ice-covered track — host venue for the sliding events during the 2010 Winter Olympics — and watched, along with a half-dozen others, over a period of about 10 minutes, as three skeleton racers flashed by Corner 15. I say “flashed by,” because the speed is difficult for someone who’s only seen bobsleigh, skeleton and luge racing on TV to comprehend. Standing just two metres away, near the bottom of the track, with racers travelling between 140 and 145 kilometres per hour, the speed is mind- numbing.

A Makeover for Dive Bar Classics

Remember Sex on the Beach? How about White Russians and Long Island Iced Tea? Maybe the crazy ’80s were too much of a blur — or perhaps you were too young to remember what your parents were drinking. Believe it or not, all those dive-bar drinks and cheesy cocktails popularized by Tom Cruise are now receiving modern craft-cocktail makeovers with fresh juices, house-made syrups, premium spirits, proper techniques and previously missing ingredients that elevate them to the next level. Everything old is new again, but this time the drinks taste so much better.


What We Love Now

Experience what we love this winter with some local Whistler favourites. Venture down to Coast Mountain Brewing in Function Junction and grab a seat for a taste-bud tour. Enjoy the technical and experimental aspect of bringing authentic Old World breads and seasonal desserts to Whistler at 200 Degrees Bakery. Find a wide variety of warm, wintertime comfort food like pasta and pizza on the Gnarlyroots menu, as well as healthy, energy-boosting meals full of nutrition from the salad bar.

Upgrading Your Skiing and Riding

With such incredible terrain,Whistler Blackcomb (WB)is a great place for skiers or snowboarders to advance their skills.As a global ski mecca, Whistler has no shortage of skilled instructors and guides who can help you chase your goals, whether that’s carving in perfect parallel or learning the key points of safe backcountry travel.

Sliding to Success

This year Whistler Blackcomb (WB) has focused its efforts on accommodating new skiers and snowboarders by investing $2.4 million to improve the mountains’ learning areas. Within the resort’s 8,000+ acres of skiable terrain there are plenty of beginner-friendly zones.

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