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Art Galleries Winter/Spring 2020

Art Galleries

Visit Whistler’s exceptional galleries to admire an array of artistic talent and perhaps find that unique piece for your home. From Canadian wildlife and landscapes, to photo-stenciling works to internationally renowned contemporary pieces.

Pemberton Winter/Spring 2020


Nestled in the heart of the Coast Mountains, Pemberton is a small, unassuming town. Despite its sleepy ambiance, it is home to a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts.

Squamish Winter/Spring 2020


As natural settings go, Squamish offers an abundance of idyllic beauty. Located at the head of a fjord known as Howe Sound, Squamish is where the Sea to Sky Corridor’s rivers converge and empty into the sea.

The Summer Side of Whistler Winter/Spring 2020

The Summer Side of Whistler

Summertime in Whistler is different every day. Long days are overflowing with warm sunshine stretching out the possibilities for mountain sightseeing, delectable outdoor dining, wellness retreats, shopping excursions and adrenaline adventures.

Unwind at The Spa Winter/Spring 2020

Unwind at The Spa

Over the years, Whistler has developed a reputation for being an escape from reality where couples come not only to have fun but to connect or reconnect on a deeper level. With a bounty of activities available, few can compare to the experience of going to the spa.

The New Influencers Winter/Spring 2020

The New Influencers

If you truly wish to experience the artwork of the up-and-coming artists, the re-inventors, or the new influencers, step beyond these pages and embark on an adventure of the up-close-and-personal kind through Whistler’s fine art galleries.

Juan Carlos Pérez Winter/Spring 2020

Juan Carlos Pérez

From the warmth of Veracruz to the snowy peaks of Whistler, it has been a long road for Mexican Corner Chef Juan Carlos Pérez, who shares his inspirational immigrant story.

Meet the Innovators Behind Whistler’s Bars Winter/Spring 2020

Meet the Innovators Behind Whistler’s Bars

Martini. Old Fashioned. Brandy Alexander. Who doesn’t love a classic cocktail? Usually composed of two or three standard ingredients, these time-tested recipes offer a prime opportunity for talented bartenders to put their innovative spin on a drink to create something new from something old. Whether it’s adding bitters, switching up spirits, caramelizing or infusing, get ready to fall in love with these reinvented classics.

Cold As Ice Winter/Spring 2020

Cold As Ice

Mention the word ice to any skier or snowboarder, and the person will likely shudder and shake as if touched by frozen hands at the start of a massage. The thought of edges sliding uncontrollably through your turn is incredibly frustrating, but that sound — oh, that sound. Ugh!

Making  Memories  Winter/Spring 2020

Making Memories

Some of the most magical Whistler experiences happen on the outskirts of the Village, deep in the forests that surround the town. These out-of-the-ordinary activities will make you feel like you are worlds away from your everyday life. They’re perfect for families and those who perhaps don’t ski or snowboard. These stand-out activities will help create awesome memories and give you some epic, brag-worthy stories.

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