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Reboot with a Digital Detox Summer/Fall 2019

Reboot with a Digital Detox

There are two types of people in the world: Those who can press their two fists flat against each other while extending both arms straight, and those who can’t. So, if your arms resemble a cowboy’s bowed legs rather than two vertical, heaven-reaching tree trunks (go on, try it), do the unthinkable.

Real Estate - TIPS to Help Prepare Your Home for Sale Summer/Fall 2019

Real Estate - TIPS to Help Prepare Your Home for Sale

If you are planning to list your home, an experienced Realtor will be able to advise you on the most important things to consider that will make your home more appealing and saleable. Small, inexpensive changes can give you an edge over the competition.

The Winter Side of Whistler Summer/Fall 2019

The Winter Side of Whistler

The icy cold weather of winter in the north freezes the lakes and brings snowfall for months on end. While much of the rest of Canada is grumbling about shovelling driveways, Whistler locals and visitors alike are gleefully checking the forecast and peeking out windows in awe at the bounty of snowflakes falling on the valley.

Connecting with Bears Summer/Fall 2019

Connecting with Bears

The bear chooses us. Indigenous peoples have always known this. Many indigenous nations organize themselves under houses such as bear, salmon or deer. Each family is born into an animal with the duty to protect. In this way, all animals are cared for. So, for those not falling within this family system, an animal, like the bear, instead comes looking for us.

MY WHISTLER - Celebrated Ski Racer  Shifts Gears Summer/Fall 2019

MY WHISTLER - Celebrated Ski Racer Shifts Gears

Rob Boyd’s World Cup downhill victory in 1989 has been hailed by many as the greatest sporting moment in Whistler’s history — even surpassing the Olympic gold medals won by locals Ross Rebagliati, Maelle Ricker and Ashley McIvor DeMerit, because it happened right here in town.

Main Street Eats - Casual Dining off the Stroll Summer/Fall 2019

Main Street Eats - Casual Dining off the Stroll

A street in Whistler, slightly off the beaten path, is home to a mouthwatering smorgasbord of international cuisines. This foodie heaven is called Main Street, and within steps of each other, you can opt for Italian, Mexican, Australian, Asian and North American fare.

Flower Power Summer/Fall 2019

Flower Power

Taste the best of the season and make it bloom with a flower-infused summer sipper. Pull up a seat at the bar to discover the magic that happens when Whistler’s finest bartenders use creative techniques to imbue their concoctions with bright, seasonal flavours.

Why Don't You Summer/Fall 2019

Why Don't You

Whistler’s spectacular scenery is the backdrop for an exceptional variety of activities. Why don't you try some of these unforgettable Whistler experiences this summer? Let gravity assist you as you experience the Whistler Bike Park on a Gravity A-Ride with Alpine Riding; light up your night with Vallea Lumina as you discover a secret valley and unravel the story of a two hikers, a father-daughter duo, who set off to discover it long ago; turn off … tune in … chill out as you experience the tranquility of forest bathing on Canadian Wilderness Adventures’ Medicine Trail in the serene old-growth forest of the Callaghan Valley; embark on a high-elevation heli adventure with a scenic flight to a spectacular ancient ice cave — or combine the ice cave tour with a trip to the steaming cavern of an active volcano — with No Limits Heli Adventures.

Whistler - Welcome to Sea to Sky Country Summer/Fall 2019

Whistler - Welcome to Sea to Sky Country

Ah, summer in the mountains: afternoons by the lake, hiking in the alpine, a barbecue and drinks on the patio … what could top that? And what place could be better than Whistler to enjoy it all — less than 90 minutes from Vancouver, with more options for dining, shopping, arts and culture, and outdoor adventure than any other mountain town in North America?

Golf Rules! Bringing FUN Back into the Game Summer/Fall 2019

Golf Rules! Bringing FUN Back into the Game

It’s hard to imagine your world-class golfing experience in Whistler getting any more elevated (pun intended). However, the governing bodies of the sport, the Royal and Ancient (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA), have actually teamed up to make that happen.

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