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Real Estate - TIPS to Help Prepare Your Home for Sale Summer/Fall 2019

Real Estate - TIPS to Help Prepare Your Home for Sale

If you are planning to list your home, an experienced Realtor will be able to advise you on the most important things to consider that will make your home more appealing and saleable. Small, inexpensive changes can give you an edge over the competition.

Connecting with Bears Summer/Fall 2019

Connecting with Bears

The bear chooses us. Indigenous peoples have always known this. Many indigenous nations organize themselves under houses such as bear, salmon or deer. Each family is born into an animal with the duty to protect. In this way, all animals are cared for. So, for those not falling within this family system, an animal, like the bear, instead comes looking for us.

Style & Indulgence Summer/Fall 2019

Style & Indulgence

Be inspired by the style and indulgence found in Whistler. If you are looking for a day off from adventure, or perhaps you need to gear up for your next adventure, check out these featured products and visit our local retail partners. Happy Shopping!

Art Galleries Summer/Fall 2019

Art Galleries

Visit Whistler’s exceptional galleries to admire an array of artistic talent and perhaps find that unique piece for your home. From Canadian wildlife and landscapes, to photo-stenciling works to internationally renowned contemporary pieces.

Taste & Indulgence Summer/Fall 2019

Taste & Indulgence

Whistler has you covered for tasty food, drink and unique gifts. Treat yourself to delicious Whistler-inspired Grizzly Claw from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory; pick up or order a custom gift basket to thank that special person at Blackcomb Liquor Store; fuel-up with a tasty, goodness-packed Aussie breakfast pie at Peaked Pies - complete your breakfast with a combo with coffee!

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