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Sommeliers' Picks Summer/Fall 2019

Sommeliers' Picks

If your only experience of sake was a served-too-warm, headache-inducing, palate-blasting brew, it’s time to think again and give sake another chance. Light, bright, delicate and deliciously smooth, modern sake is brewed in stainless steel or ceramic-lined tanks, rather than barrels, which allows its natural floral, citrus and herbaceous notes to shine through. We asked three Whistler restaurant professionals to tell us which cold sake they’ll be serving this season to pair with everything from ocean-fresh seafood to briny oysters to sushi and sashimi!

Main Street Eats - Casual Dining off the Stroll Summer/Fall 2019

Main Street Eats - Casual Dining off the Stroll

A street in Whistler, slightly off the beaten path, is home to a mouthwatering smorgasbord of international cuisines. This foodie heaven is called Main Street, and within steps of each other, you can opt for Italian, Mexican, Australian, Asian and North American fare.

Flower Power Summer/Fall 2019

Flower Power

Taste the best of the season and make it bloom with a flower-infused summer sipper. Pull up a seat at the bar to discover the magic that happens when Whistler’s finest bartenders use creative techniques to imbue their concoctions with bright, seasonal flavours.

What We Love Now Summer/Fall 2019

What We Love Now

Experience what we love this summer with some local Whistler favourites. Pick-up a fresh loaf of naturally leavened organic sourdough and enjoy an espresso with an in-house baked goody at BReD – Organic Sourdough in Creekside; grab a fresh slice for lunch or order your favorite Sicilian pan-style pizza with a Detroit crust — cheesed right to the edge, at Functional Pie Pizza in Function Junction; whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner, Pangea Pod’s Living Room has delicious and affordable eats and check out the exceptional view over the Village Stroll while enjoying a refreshing beverage on their rooftop patio.

Elevating The Humble Salad Summer/Fall 2019

Elevating The Humble Salad

Forget basic, simple salads. Summer is for pushing culinary boundaries and dining expectations by exploring exactly what the perfectly composed salad can be, using the freshest, most delicious ingredients available from this season’s bounty.

Taste & Indulgence Summer/Fall 2019

Taste & Indulgence

Whistler has you covered for tasty food, drink and unique gifts. Treat yourself to delicious Whistler-inspired Grizzly Claw from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory; pick up or order a custom gift basket to thank that special person at Blackcomb Liquor Store; fuel-up with a tasty, goodness-packed Aussie breakfast pie at Peaked Pies - complete your breakfast with a combo with coffee!

Calendar of Culinary Events Summer/Fall 2019

Calendar of Culinary Events

From mountaintop summer feasts to BeerBQ's, from winemaker dinners to food & wine festivals. Enjoy these delicious dining events throughout the season.

Events Calendar Summer/Fall 2019

Events Calendar

Find out more about some of the many events happening in Whistler this summer! From festivals to concerts to sporting events and cultural attractions, there's something for everyone! For more information visit or

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