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Cuisine that Says 'Canada' Summer/Fall 2017

Cuisine that Says 'Canada'

What is Canadian cuisine? In a country of so many diverse regions, cultures, traditions and even nations, it is almost impossible to pinpoint defining foods that represent our collective history. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun trying. To celebrate the country’s 150th ANNIVERSARY, we’ve asked some of Whistler’s top chefs to tell us about the most Canadian plate that they’ll be serving this summer — and why it says “Canuck” to them.

E-Bike Adventures Summer/Fall 2017

E-Bike Adventures

While people tend to hear about professional riders performing adrenaline-pumping feats, for many people the sport of mountain biking is mostly about getting out and enjoying the wilderness. With the recent development of motor-driven, electricassist bikes, recreational mountain biking has become more accessible than ever. While some physical fitness is still required, suddenly riders can enjoy the sensation of superhuman strength, tackling longer distances and uphill trails with relative ease.

Distinctly Canadian Cocktails Summer/Fall 2017

Distinctly Canadian Cocktails

What makes a cocktail Canadian? Is it the rye in a Manhattan or the clam juice in a Caesar? To celebrate Canada’s 150th ANNIVERSARY, we’ve asked some of Whistler’s top bartenders to share the stories behind the most patriotic libations on their summer lists.

Chef-Worthy Sandwiches Summer/Fall 2017

Chef-Worthy Sandwiches

Behold, the humble sandwich — one of the greatest culinary inventions ever. More than just a simple piece of protein between two slices of bread, summer’s favourite grab-and-go food is a blank canvas with endless possibilities — and now, more than ever, worthy of enjoying as a restaurant meal. From towering muffulettas to slow-smoked brisket, feast your eyes on some of the best hand-held meals in Whistler.

Feel the Rush of Rolling Thunder Summer/Fall 2017

Feel the Rush of Rolling Thunder

The final few turns of the Whistler Sliding Centre (WSC) bobsleigh track are called the Gold Rush Trail for a reason: It’s where world-class bobsleigh, skeleton and luge athletes, competing on the world’s fastest track, win gold — or lose it. And almost invariably, those who have taken rides down the track, in winter or summer, exclaim afterward that it certainly is a rush.

Vancouver’s Street Art Scene Comes to Life Summer/Fall 2017

Vancouver’s Street Art Scene Comes to Life

Vancouver may be one of the most walkable cities in the world — a stroll or cycle along the Seawall should be on every tourist’s to-do list — but even its most devoted fan would have to admit that its attractions are scenic, not architectural. We admire the horizon, the mountains, the ocean, but not so much an uninspired foreground of utilitarian concrete boxes and high-density glass towers. Happily, in recent years the city has upped its game to give nature a run for her money.

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