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Audain Museum Summer/Fall 2018

Audain Museum

This summer the Audain Art Museum presents Pop Art Prints, a special exhibition featuring the bold images and pure fun of the Pop art movement, June 30 to Sept. 17. The exhibition will showcase 37 works from the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. by some of the leading artists who defined Pop art, from Jim Dine to James Rosenquist and most famously, Andy Warhol.

Take a Cultural Journey Summer/Fall 2018

Take a Cultural Journey

The storytelling traditions of the Squamish and Lil’wat peoples are mostly oral but committing the stories and legends of the First Nations peoples who have inhabited the Sea to Sky Corridor for thousands of years to writing, and sharing them on signs and kiosks along Highway 99, has helped spread those legends to a much wider audience.

Herbalicious Summer/Fall 2018


Nothing says summer like a glass filled with a big bouquet of garden-fresh herbs. But some cocktails pack an equally mouth-watering punch with no greenery at all.

Meat But No Potatoes Summer/Fall 2018

Meat But No Potatoes

Ketogenic, paleo, gluten-free — low-carb diets are all the rage and we don’t mind one bit. Who needs sugary processed foods when you can fill up on milk-fed pork, meaty halibut, buttery peas and healthy guacamole? Whistler chefs make low-carb meals a joy to eat. Here are just a few of the healthy options they’re cooking up this summer.

The Summer Adrenaline Vacation Summer/Fall 2018

The Summer Adrenaline Vacation

As Whistler is practically synonymous with outdoor adventure, many people come here to try a new sport or activity, push their skills further or test their physical limits.

Hot Spot - Il Caminetto Summer/Fall 2018

Hot Spot - Il Caminetto

It was baptism by fire — or, more precisely, the warm glow of a modern, marble-clad, gas-burning fireplace. The new Il Caminetto opened on Dec. 28, 2017, in the middle of the Christmas rush, Whistler’s busiest time of year. By midnight on New Year’s Eve, diners were dancing in a conga line around the restaurant.

Big Things Brewing in B.C. Summer/Fall 2018

Big Things Brewing in B.C.

In large cities, you’ll often hear the phrase “something’s always brewing,” but that saying could rightfully be applied to British Columbia these days. With dozens of craft breweries in Vancouver and Victoria plus one or more in nearly every small town, B.C. has become a destination for craft beer lovers.

What We Love Now Summer/Fall 2018

What We Love Now

Experience what we love this summer with some local Whistler favourites. Let the chefs assemble a delicious made-to-order sandwich followed by a decadent doughnut at the newly renovated Portobello. Enjoy a refreshing craft brew, fresh-pressed cider or cocktail with friends on the patio at “The Fitz” (The Fitzsimmons Pub). Experience the innovative menu and signature cocktails of the revamped Aura Restaurant, lakeside, at Nita Lake Lodge. Fuel-up with the bounty of choose-your-own seasonal salad choices, soups, curries and fresh-pressed juices at Shred – A Creative Salad Kitchen.

Art - Taking the Leap Summer/Fall 2018

Art - Taking the Leap

Finding fresh artistic talent takes a leap of faith. There is no proven formula for recognizing a future star, and Whistler gallery owners and directors rely on faith to take on new artists, and so much more. “Discovering” talent takes research, time, and considerable support to incubate up-and-coming artists.

Bear Viewing: A Family Affair Summer/Fall 2018

Bear Viewing: A Family Affair

“We saw the cubs when they came out of the tree,” says Maya Coleman, age 10. “They peeked around both sides of the tree. It was like the tree had grown ears all of a sudden.”

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