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Where There's Smoke Winter/Spring 2018

Where There's Smoke

Cooking with smoke is a red-hot trend that reminds us of crackling fireplaces and toasting our frosty toes. Beyond traditional barbecue (which we love and have lots of in Whistler), smoke flavours penetrate a bevy of fine restaurant dishes, from steak medallions and potato tartiflette to carrots and carbonara.

Adrenaline-Fuelled Adventures Winter/Spring 2018

Adrenaline-Fuelled Adventures

While Whistler has epic scenery, luxurious spas and first-class dining, many visitors don’t come here solely with the intention of relaxing or being pampered. Whistler was born out of a spirit of adventure, and if you’re looking to push your limits with some truly challenging and exciting activities, you’re in the right place.

Whistler Eco-Mecca Winter/Spring 2018

Whistler Eco-Mecca

Inspired by Whistler Blackcomb, Vail Resorts’ makes ‘Epic Promise’ toward sustainability. Arthur De Jong, Whistler Blackcomb’s mountain planning and environmental resource manager, has long been forthcoming about Whistler Blackcomb’s (WB) failures and shortcomings on the environmental front. It was one of those failures that led to a long string of successes — one that has seen it rise to the status of industry leader.

The Summer Side of Whistler Winter/Spring 2018

The Summer Side of Whistler

As the days grow longer and the Whistler Valley warms up, it’s time to immerse your senses in summer. Take deep breaths of pine-scented air on an alpine hike. Listen to the high-pitched whistle of the hoary marmot, for which Whistler is named. Dive off a dock into the fresh, cool waters of one of Whistler’s immaculate lakes. Sip a locally brewed beer on a sun-baked patio. Taste the bounty of produce from local farms. Take in the sights of the craggy peaks, lush valleys, rushing rivers and clear lakes.

Pampering  Your Wintertime Skin Winter/Spring 2018

Pampering Your Wintertime Skin

We in Whistler love the winter, whether we’re spending it on the ski hill, snowshoeing in the backcountry, or building a snowman with the kids; but it does wreak havoc on our skin. Cold temperatures followed by blasts of central heating dry our skin out, leaving us feeling chapped, tight and sensitive. However, a visit to a local spa can help remedy the ravages of winter.

Embracing Change Winter/Spring 2018

Embracing Change

Being an artist is risky. It takes years of practice, whether swinging a paintbrush, drawing a carving knife, or taking countless photographs. There’s no guarantee you will master your art form, or that collectors will buy your artwork if you do. And yet, courageous creatives take the leap. Some emerging artists, often with a modest body of work, are just starting on their careers.

Tips for finding your way on Whistler Blackcomb Winter/Spring 2018

Tips for finding your way on Whistler Blackcomb

The numbers speak for themselves: With more than 200 marked runs and 37 chairlifts spread across 8,171 acres of terrain, there is a lot of skiing and snowboarding to enjoy on Whistler Blackcomb. Deciding to visit is the easy part; figuring out where to begin is where it gets tricky. When it comes to navigating the mountains, there are a few key tools available to help steer you in the right direction — and toward the best ski runs.

Bearfoot Bistro's Culinary Masters Winter/Spring 2018

Bearfoot Bistro's Culinary Masters

The Bearfoot Bistro has earned an international reputation for doing things a little differently. Sure, there is the obvious. Champagne is sabered here, not popped. Vodka is drunk in Canada Goose parkas in -32 C temperatures. And ice cream is made tableside in a magician’s flash of liquid nitrogen. The Bearfoot Bistro is an experience. The open kitchen is designed as a stage. The patrons, the audience.

Whistler Winter/Spring 2018


Whether you are visiting Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor for the first time or you are a seasoned regular, no matter where today’s adventure takes place, there is one given: spectacular scenery will surround you. Although Whistler has the reputation of being North America’s top four-season resort and the heart of Sea to Sky Country, there is no question you will be equally entranced by the natural beauty in and around the neighbouring communities of Squamish and Pemberton.

Beat the Chill Winter/Spring 2018

Beat the Chill

Chilled out? It’s time to warm up with a toasty winter sipper. From classic mulled wine to an avant-garde variation on hot buttered rum, these smoking hot cocktails from Whistler’s best bars will defrost your toes after a long day on the slopes.

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