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Thunder on Ice Winter/Spring 2017

Thunder on Ice

After arriving 30 minutes before my “Thunder On Ice” bobsleigh experience at the Whistler Sliding last winter, I walked to the interior of the ice-covered track — host venue for the sliding events during the 2010 Winter Olympics — and watched, along with a half-dozen others, over a period of about 10 minutes, as three skeleton racers flashed by Corner 15. I say “flashed by,” because the speed is difficult for someone who’s only seen bobsleigh, skeleton and luge racing on TV to comprehend. Standing just two metres away, near the bottom of the track, with racers travelling between 140 and 145 kilometres per hour, the speed is mind- numbing.

Snowbound Adventures Winter/Spring 2017

Snowbound Adventures

When the snow descends on Whistler, it’s a magical place. That applies just as much to the myriad wintertime experiences available outdoors, on and off the mountains, as it does to the twinkling lights, cultural and culinary experiences and pulsating nightlife to be found in Whistler Village. Whether you are a first-time or seasoned visitor, you don’t have to be a hardcore skier or snowboarder to have a good time here.

A Makeover for Dive Bar Classics Winter/Spring 2017

A Makeover for Dive Bar Classics

Remember Sex on the Beach? How about White Russians and Long Island Iced Tea? Maybe the crazy ’80s were too much of a blur — or perhaps you were too young to remember what your parents were drinking. Believe it or not, all those dive-bar drinks and cheesy cocktails popularized by Tom Cruise are now receiving modern craft-cocktail makeovers with fresh juices, house-made syrups, premium spirits, proper techniques and previously missing ingredients that elevate them to the next level. Everything old is new again, but this time the drinks taste so much better.

Upgrading Your Skiing and Riding Winter/Spring 2017

Upgrading Your Skiing and Riding

With such incredible terrain,Whistler Blackcomb (WB)is a great place for skiers or snowboarders to advance their skills.As a global ski mecca, Whistler has no shortage of skilled instructors and guides who can help you chase your goals, whether that’s carving in perfect parallel or learning the key points of safe backcountry travel.

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