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Chili Thom Summer/Fall 2017

Chili Thom

Fear of failure: It’s an anxiety that holds many of us back from creative adventures — like painting an iconic landscape, composing a quirky song, making a risky film or writing our life’s story. Rare is the soul who lives an artistic life fearlessly, yet joyfully and with a generous, open heart. The Sea to Sky community was blessed to have such a creative voyager live and work amongst us for many years — artist, DJ and filmmaker Chili Thom.

Local Vibe Summer/Fall 2017

Local Vibe

Giving you the inside information on what’s happening, what’s fun and what’s new in Whistler. Find out who some of Whistler's network or pathways and green spaces are named after. Learn more about Whistler's namesake, the hoary mormot. Experience authentic First Nations culture.

Cuisine that Says 'Canada' Summer/Fall 2017

Cuisine that Says 'Canada'

What is Canadian cuisine? In a country of so many diverse regions, cultures, traditions and even nations, it is almost impossible to pinpoint defining foods that represent our collective history. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun trying. To celebrate the country’s 150th ANNIVERSARY, we’ve asked some of Whistler’s top chefs to tell us about the most Canadian plate that they’ll be serving this summer — and why it says “Canuck” to them.

An Audain Art Museum Special Exhibition Summer/Fall 2017

An Audain Art Museum Special Exhibition

This summer, scarred landscapes are coming to Whistler. From June 10 to Oct. 16, the Audain Art Museum will feature a thought-provoking special exhibition, Edward Burtynsky: The Scarred Earth. One of Canada’s most respected photographers, Burtynsky creates large-scale photographs that show the effects of human activity on the natural world. In particular, his aerial photographs of industry reflect the impact humankind is having on the surface of the planet.

Whistler Golf Summer/Fall 2017

Whistler Golf

Golf course design is a combination of art, craftsmanship and engineering that melds form with function. A good golf course should be enjoyable, memorable and challenging for all levels of players. The course design should take in and use as much of the natural surroundings as possible; and the design should offer the player strategic options on various shots throughout the round. Based on these criteria, four of the courses in the Whistler area check all the boxes.

Parallel Histories Summer/Fall 2017

Parallel Histories

In 2017, as Canada celebrates 150 years since Confederation, it’s interesting to note that in large measure, the post-European-settlement history of what is now one of the world’s most popular mountain resort towns parallels the larger story of the West, said Brad Nichols, the Whistler Museum and Archives’ executive director and curator.

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