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Connecting with Bears Summer/Fall 2019

Connecting with Bears

The bear chooses us. Indigenous peoples have always known this. Many indigenous nations organize themselves under houses such as bear, salmon or deer. Each family is born into an animal with the duty to protect. In this way, all animals are cared for. So, for those not falling within this family system, an animal, like the bear, instead comes looking for us.

Why Don't You Summer/Fall 2019

Why Don't You

Whistler’s spectacular scenery is the backdrop for an exceptional variety of activities. Why don't you try some of these unforgettable Whistler experiences this summer? Let gravity assist you as you experience the Whistler Bike Park on a Gravity A-Ride with Alpine Riding; light up your night with Vallea Lumina as you discover a secret valley and unravel the story of a two hikers, a father-daughter duo, who set off to discover it long ago; turn off … tune in … chill out as you experience the tranquility of forest bathing on Canadian Wilderness Adventures’ Medicine Trail in the serene old-growth forest of the Callaghan Valley; embark on a high-elevation heli adventure with a scenic flight to a spectacular ancient ice cave — or combine the ice cave tour with a trip to the steaming cavern of an active volcano — with No Limits Heli Adventures.

Golf Rules! Bringing FUN Back into the Game Summer/Fall 2019

Golf Rules! Bringing FUN Back into the Game

It’s hard to imagine your world-class golfing experience in Whistler getting any more elevated (pun intended). However, the governing bodies of the sport, the Royal and Ancient (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA), have actually teamed up to make that happen.

Season of ‘Artistry,’ Transformation Summer/Fall 2019

Season of ‘Artistry,’ Transformation

It’s not often that you can come to Whistler and experience both the Coast Mountains and the Canadian Rockies without leaving the resort. However, this summer, you can do just that. In celebration of the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies’ 50th anniversary, “Artistry Revealed: Peter Whyte, Catharine Robb Whyte and Their Contemporaries” has come to Whistler.

Events Calendar Summer/Fall 2019

Events Calendar

Find out more about some of the many events happening in Whistler this summer! From festivals to concerts to sporting events and cultural attractions, there's something for everyone! For more information visit or

Local Vibe Summer/Fall 2019

Local Vibe

Giving you the inside information on what’s happening, what’s fun and what’s new in Whistler. Find out more about the Spearhead Huts Project; learn about our featured local animal, the wolverine; plus read about Whistler's E-Bike strategy.

10 Must-Do Adventures Summer/Fall 2019

10 Must-Do Adventures

Whistler resort, known in the early 1900s as Alta Lake, started out as a summertime fishing destination, and skiing followed a few decades later. However, not long after the resort was born, it became a destination for all kinds of adventure. Endless expanses of forested mountains provide world-class opportunities for outdoor recreation, whether you prefer a simple hike or the intense rush of whitewater rafting.

Vancouver - Urban Attractions and Events Galore Summer/Fall 2019

Vancouver - Urban Attractions and Events Galore

From art and dining to shopping and exploring historic neighbourhoods, there is something for everyone in Vancouver, the largest Canadian city west of Toronto and the country’s West Coast hub. If you only have a couple of days to explore Vancouver, deciding what to do and see in one of the world’s most beautiful cities will depend not only on what strikes your fancy, but on when you visit.

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